Lucifer: The 20 Best Episodes of the Series

Lucifer premiered on Fox in 2016, and was based on the DC comic book series by Mike Carey. In 2018, after the show’s third season, Fox sought to cancel the show due to rating issues. However, a fan-sourced petition began to circulate online, asking for the show to be moved to a different network. Consequently, in 2019, Season 4 premiered on Netflix and received two consecutive seasons thereafter.



Lucifer, led by Tom Ellis as the devil himself, explores biblical references meshed with fictionally based claims on Lucifer’s stent in Los Angeles. The crime-drama hosts a bundle of potential favorite episodes. However, these 20 are among the very best of the series’ 93-episode total.


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January 25, 2015


20 Season 2, Episode 6: «Monster»

Season 2 of Lucifer pitted the devil and his detective, Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German), together yet again. However, in this particular episode, the pair happen to be at odds, resulting in Chloe being partnered with her ex-husband, Dan (played by Kevin Alejandro), rather than Lucifer. «Monster» is a particularly fun episode because it premiered on Halloween. The case finds itself at a zombie-themed wedding in which one of the un-dead guests actually turns up dead.

What Makes It the Best

There is one scene in particular that makes this Lucifer episode an absolute delight to watch. As each character is paired with someone outside their normal cast mate, Mazikeen (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) finds herself trick-or-treating with Chloe’s daughter. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re well-aware that Mazikeen isn’t exactly the most inviting person to be around. However, Trixie (played by Scarlett Estevez) brings out a softer element of hell’s finest demon.

19 Season 5, Episode 9: «Family Dinner»

Lucifer wears a gray suit as he stands in a garden filled with palm trees

Season 5 of Lucifer finally introduced God into its mix of characters. In the episode directly after his arrival, which is the opener for Part B of the fifth season, God (played by Dennis Haysbert) suggests a family dinner with his children. The episode serves a great deal of family tension, with Linda (played by Rachael Harris) delivering the comedic relief as she stresses about having God for dinner.

What Makes It the Best

Throughout the series, Lucifer struggles immensely with his relationship with his father. Everything seemingly comes back to him being cast out of Heaven. This episode in particular shows the dynamics of the celestial family, and grounds them with very real human issues. Michael (also played by Ellis), Lucifer, and Amenadiel (played by D.B. Woodside) are all reprimanded by their father at this dinner for their behavior as siblings, thus showing that even the gods can have dysfunctional family drama.

18 Season 4, Episode 10: «Who’s da New King of Hell?»

Lucifer transforms into his demon-like appearance, wings spread wide

At the end of Season 4, Lucifer addresses the reality that the titular character hasn’t been managing hell since all of his time has been spent on Earth. In the midst of all the madness, demons rise from the underworld and begin wreaking havoc on the humans, causing murder and chaos to run rampant. The final showdown between Lucifer and his demons happens at none other than Lux (his own nightclub), after which it is decided that Lucifer must return to manage hell.

What Makes It the Best

For most of the series, Lucifer is in full human form, and when he’s the devil, it’s usually only his eyes or face. However, this episode is one of the very few in which Lucifer’s devil makeup appears on his full body. In addition, his wings are also a different design, appearing more dragon-like. They directly oppose his angel wings, showing Lucifer as the demon he made himself to be.

17 Season 4, Episode 2: «Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno»

Chloe consults a priest outside a white-brick building

The beginning of the fourth season of Lucifer primarily focuses on Chloe and how she is processing learning of Lucifer’s true identity. In the second episode, in the midst of their investigation, Chloe finds herself consulting a priest while doing research on Lucifer. The priest attempts to manipulate Chloe into slipping Lucifer a poison that is sure to send him back to hell. She briefly considers the idea, but after Lucifer jumps in front of a weapon to shield her, she realizes everything she knows about him is the truth.

What Makes It the Best

After Lucifer’s huge revelation, Chloe is all out of sorts. Not only has she realized that the divine fates are in fact a reality, but she’s been fraternizing with the devil himself. Surely, viewers didn’t believe Chloe would ever turn on Lucifer — they belong together! The pairing is one of the greatest romances on television. However, it was important to establish Chloe’s loyalty to Lucifer, especially after he had revealed his identity to her.

16 Season 3, Episode 1: «They’re Back, Aren’t They»

One of the most defining moments of Lucifer is in the very first season, when Lucifer has Mazikeen cut off his wings to defy his father. The Season 3 opener revisits this, but in reverse. Lucifer finds himself in the middle of the desert, wings completely reattached to his body. However, he has no recollection of how they got there. At first, he believes that Amenadiel is responsible, but after seeing how shocked his brother is, he decides to start his own investigation. In addition to this strange occurrence, a new detective shows up at the precinct that has a stronger connection to the divine than any other «human.»

What Makes It the Best

Lucifer, in its entirety, helms a great deal of character development among the cast. Yet, the most obvious and apparent is that of Lucifer himself. The series does a really great job of staying true to biblical references, but giving them a much more stretched fiction to fit the series narrative. Lucifer’s constant battle is both internal, and with his father. He is very much aware of who he is, but struggles with his identity and how he is perceived by the masses. This episode is a pivotal point in the series, and for what’s to come later in the season. Lucifer unwillingly growing his wings back is a direct physical representation of his inability to change who he is.

15 Season 2, Episode 14: «Candy Morningstar»

Lucifer wears a navy suit as he poses for a photo with a blonde woman in a pink top

After a family rift between Lucifer and his mother, Chloe visits Lux to find it completely emptied out. The duo hadn’t spoken in a few weeks, and Chloe begins to get concerned. However, at the scene of the most recent crime, Lucifer finally shows his face. Chloe is relieved, but Lucifer comes with a surprise. It turns out, in his absence, Lucifer had gotten married to someone named Candy. Chloe becomes visibly upset, but moves forward with solving the case. Meanwhile, Lucifer’s mother, the Goddess (played by Tricia Helfer) takes an interest in Candy to see what Lucifer’s actual plan is. As the episode concludes, it turns out that Lucifer and Candy were never married. Candy was aiding Lucifer in his attempt to find out what his mother was planning during her stay on Earth.

What Makes It the Best

On the surface, this particular episode may seem like it is merely filler. The episode is one of the shortest-lived pretend-couple TV romances in history, but is integral to building to the season finale. Indeed, «Candy Morningstar» is essential to the Goddess’ story-line, and what her true intentions are for returning to Earth. In addition to the Goddess, the episode not only showcases Lucifer’s cunning side, but also reveals the slightest of Chloe’s affections for him.

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14 Season 2, Episode 2: «Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire»

Season 2 of Lucifer introduces the titular Devil’s mother, the Goddess. However, to the human eye, she is Charlotte Richards. Of course, Lucifer has a hard time trusting his mother’s true intentions and is immediately ready to pin a murder on her. She reveals that she has been jumping from one dead body to the next in order to find him. Charlotte (also Goddess) states to Lucifer that she feels guilty for not being there for him the way that a mother should be for her son, and also tells him that she is the reason he was cast into hell rather than destroyed. Yet at the episode’s conclusion, it seems that Charlotte has more than just one purpose for putting herself on Earth.

What Makes It the Best

Charlotte is a huge part of the series’ plot as a whole. Her character changes and transforms, seeing the same arc of growth as the rest of the celestial team. However, it is Charlotte who affects the fate of Dan the most. After her «death,» Dan spirals into a miserable abyss, which leads to his ultimate doom later in the series. Dan’s death is one of the heartbreaking character deaths in modern TV precisely because Dan truly seemed to be on the up and up.

13 Season 5, Episode 1: «Really Sad Devil Guy»

After Lucifer is sent back to hell at the end of Season 4, the fifth season sees a different pairing at the crime scene. Mazikeen stays on Earth with Chloe, and has stepped into Lucifer’s shoes, assisting with crimes. The episode is set in a series of cut scenes. Some showcase what the group is doing on Earth, and others follow Lucifer in hell. While in hell, Lucifer is assisting Chloe’s latest murder victim from the other side. Mazikeen and Chloe team up to attend a high-end poker event in order to get a lead on the case.

What Makes It the Best

One of the best things any television series can do is pair characters with either different or opposing counterparts. Countless other series have done this, and almost always, it is a success. This episode works with what the plot has delivered. Lucifer having been sent back to hell would obviously leave a void for Chloe on Earth. Maze and Chloe have been paired together before (Maze having lived with Chloe in the past), but these two actors interacting in the real world, and on a case, brings another level to their friendship.

12 Season 3, Episode 2: «The One With the Baby Carrot»

The biggest significance of «The One With the Baby Carrot» mainly focuses on the budding relationship between Linda and Amenadiel. After Mazikeen and Amenadiel save Linda’s life, she seeks out her savior to give thanks. To show her gratitude, Linda aids him with disposing of Lucifer’s wings after he cuts them off again. Linda had been taking pity on Lucifer for his stent in self-mutilation.

Meanwhile, Lucifer and Chloe find themselves at another crime scene where an up-and-coming comedian has been found dead. The two have been silently conversing about The Sinnerman, someone Lucifer presumes as being incredibly dangerous to him. Marcus (played by Tom Welling) confronts him about having knowledge of The Sinnerman, and invites him to join his investigation on the condition that he leaves Chloe out of it.

What Makes It the Best

This episode, although immensely plot driven, forges a bond between Linda and Amenadiel. The two characters have been placed together before, but after Linda’s near-death experience, the scenes hold more weight to them. Linda is also one of the few characters who is aware of the divinity, making her the perfect counterpart for Amenadiel to hold stock in. This is one of the very early moments that sparks the bond that the two will possess later in the series.

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11 Season 5, Episode 12: «Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid»

Kevin Alejandro as Daniel Espinoza, looking bewildered as he lies on a rug

Dan has been having a rough go for quiet a few seasons now, and once he finds out about celestial beings on Earth, something inside him snaps a little too hard. Once he settles down and accepts everyone for who they are, despite shooting Lucifer only episodes prior, Lucifer pulls an elaborate prank on him. As always, Dan tries to help everyone involved, but in doing so, he has one of the craziest days of his life. The prank comes to a head at Lux, where Maze fakes her death and Dan is the last one standing. Lucifer reveals that the entire thing was an elaborate prank, but instead of being upset, Dan thanks him.

What Makes It the Best

Dan was always a beacon of optimism throughout the series, and served as a polar opposite to Lucifer. Continuously, Dan is tested through loss and redemption. «Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid» is the only episode in all of Lucifer that focuses primarily on Dan. This is presumably due to his death later in the season. This episode stands out from the rest because, for most of the series, Dan is just a side character, but in this episode he is the one the audience follows. Even if all of his endeavors were an elaborate plan crafted by Lucifer, the point is to show how caring Dan is as a person.

10 Season 3, Episode 23: «Quintessential Deckerstar»

A teary-eyed Amenadiel holds a woman's lifeless body

After Lucifer’s mother leaves Charlotte’s body, she remains with the group and forges a relationship with Dan. While her body was occupied, the real Charlotte gets a glimpse into her hellscape and is set on using her new-found time to change for the better. As her connections grow stronger, so does her immense likability as a character of her own.

Charlotte spends a great deal of time with Amenadiel, who is unknowingly being targeted by Marcus Pierce (also Caine). When Maze can’t complete her half of the bargain in eliminating God’s favorite son (Amenadiel), Marcus takes matters into his own hands. During a touching moment between Amenadiel and Charlotte, Marcus sends a fatal bullet Amenadiel’s way. However, Charlotte steps in front of it, risking her own life for his. Amenadiel regains his wings (which he had temporarily lost) and flies her up to heaven.

What Makes It the Best

Charlotte’s death hangs in the air of Lucifer for a long time, mostly with Dan. The impact on his characters weighs true until the very end, but the whole group is impacted greatly. Before dying (the first time), Charlotte wasn’t the best person. Yet, when she is given a second lease on life, she thrives on change for the better. Her character’s story-line is one of the best redemption arcs on the show. In death, she not only saved Amenadiel’s life, but gave him the realization of his own flaws. Thus, allowing him to regain his wings.

9 Season 1, Episode 12: #TeamLucifer

Lucifer wears a dark robe and sits in a chair

Season 1 of Lucifer ends on a comedic high note, with a sprinkle of stress for the Devil himself. The latest murder focuses on a group of Satan worshipers who hail Lucifer. Due to the nature of the crime, and Lucifer’s name literally being used, he becomes a suspect in the investigation. With suspicions already high, things spice up when the suspected murderer turns up dead at Lux. Yet, Lucifer’s biggest issue is how physically vulnerable he is around Chloe. In addition to Lucifer’s troubles, Amenadiel struggles to wrangle Mazikeen being that he has fallen in love with her.

What Makes It the Best

Episode 12 of Season 1 is a prelude to the finale, in which Chloe and Lucifer work together to clear his name. However, «#TeamLucifer» dives into the world of satanists, which allows for some quippy jokes from Lucifer about goats being associated with him. Yet, what this episode truly instills is the bond that Chloe and Lucifer have established. The most important aspect explored by Lucifer, Mazikeen, and Linda is his vulnerability. Everyone has a weakness, and Lucifer’s is Chloe. This aspect of the character is one of the very first forms of humanity that viewers identify with the devil.

8 Season 5, Episode 8: «Spoiler Alert»

Lucifer examines a bullet, while Chloe looks concerned

After Dan catches Lucifer «scaring» baby Charlie with his Devil face, the cat is officially out of the bag. Reacting in the most expected way, Dan devised a plan to kill Lucifer. The episode opens with Dan shooting Lucifer, and coming out unscathed. Lucifer is confused as to why he was invulnerable at the moment because Chloe was around. He spends the rest of the episode contemplating ways to get back at Dan for shooting him. With Lucifer too busy plotting against Dan, Chloe ends up getting kidnapped.

Lucifer and Ella team up to find her, while also eliciting the help of Amenadiel and Mazikeen. In the midst of all the madness, Ella discovers that her new boyfriend is actually a serial killer known as «The Whisper Killer.» She thinks that he kidnapped Chloe, but he assures her that he truly didn’t. As the episode nears its close, it is revealed that Michael (Lucifer’s twin) kidnapped Chloe in an attempt to hurt him. A fight breaks out between Lucifer, Maze, Amenadiel, and Michael, all leading up to the arrival of God to stop the fight.

What Makes It the Best

The very simple answer to what makes this the best episode is the long-awaited arrival of Lucifer’s father, God. Dennis Haybert was revealed to be the actor chosen to play God. Aside from being an American film actor, he is most recognized for his involvement in the Allstate Insurance commercials. Haybert is seemingly the perfect man to play God, and his reveal a the end of «Spoiler Alert» is perfect. Screen Rant’s deep dive into God’s arrival also allows for more explanation of why Lucifer was banished from heaven.

7 Season 6, Episode 10: «Partners ‘Til the End»

Chloe pulls Lucifer in for a kiss

As far as series finales go, Lucifer was pretty solid. Episodes prior, it is revealed that Lucifer and Chloe have a daughter together, Rory (played by Brianna Hildebrand). Rory struggles with the same anger issues towards her father as Lucifer did, but then she gets kidnapped. Lucifer quickly steps up to the plate to save his child, but that comes with an immense price. Rory learns that Lucifer’s absence was no fault of his own, and merely what needed to happen in order for Lucifer to save her soul. Chloe and Lucifer come to terms with the fact that he must return to hell in order to help others, and the two share a moment together.

As the episode continues, it is revealed that Amenadiel has become God and Charlie finally sprouted his wings. Mazikeen and Eve are still happily married, and are still bounty hunters. The episode concludes on a comedic high note. Lucifer is using Linda’s office (in hell) to host therapy sessions with hell’s locals. Up above, it is revealed that Chloe has reached an old age and died. Amenadiel and her meet for a brief moment, all before he brings her down to Lucifer. Lucifer’s series finale is one of the best finales of all time, reuniting a love meant to last millennia.

What Makes It the Best

Series finales are truly hit or miss. Lucifer may have hit a few potholes along the way by not giving enough closure to all of its characters, but overall, the Lucifer finale is pretty well laid out. One of the biggest questions of the series was how exactly the devil and a human could make it work. At various points, it is clear that Lucifer’s time on Earth is limited and hell needed its dark prince back. The true beauty in the finale was the solidification that Lucifer truly learned his purpose, and true selflessness. Leaving Chloe for what would be millennia in hell, all for the sake of his daughter’s soul, is something that season-one Lucifer would have thought twice about.

6 Season 5, Episode 16: «A Chance at a Happy Ending»

Lucifer and Michael fight over a flaming sword

«A Chance at a Happy Ending» is a television episode that almost feels like a movie. Lucifer is ready to take the throne as God, but Michael wants to be king of the Silver City. Michael attempts to use Chloe’s guilt as a pawn against him, but Lucifer sees right through it. Amenadeil and Lucifer are aware that Michael isn’t going to give up without a fight. The brothers seek out their siblings to join Lucifer’s side.

As Lucifer and Chloe find themselves deep in Michael’s web, the group prepares for a battle against him and his army. The battle takes place in a giant arena, where Chloe gets stabbed and sent to heaven. Lucifer uses his immortality ring to retrieve Chloe from heaven, and «dies» upon returning because there is only enough power in the ring to bring Chloe back. Chloe finds Michael and is about to kill him. However, Lucifer reveals himself as alive and urges her to stop. He decides against killing Michael, and instead cuts off his wings.

What Makes It the Best

«A Chance at a Happy Ending» not only reconciles with Dan’s death, but finally squashes the Michael plot with an epic conclusion. The angels battle with powers and airborne, leaving maximum suspense at every turn. Lucifer, finally triumphs in the end, and receives a throne that he’s not so sure if he even desires. Yet, one of the most heart-warming aspects of the episode is Chloe’s reunion with her father in heaven.

5 Season 6, Episode 4: «Pin the Tail on the Daddy»


One of the biggest upsets of Lucifer Season 5 was finding out that Dan was in hell because of his guilt. Season 6’s early episodes focus heavily on helping Dan make it to heaven. He is frustrated because he can see everyone, but only Lucifer can see him. Lucifer’s troubles range far further than just dealing with Dan’s dilemma. His daughter, Rory, argues with him about being his daughter, while he struggles to identify her as his own. Lucifer and Chloe seek out all the women that he has slept with in order to prove Rory’s allegations are true. As the episode concludes, it turns out that Lucifer’s alleged daughter is actually the one he will share with Chloe.

What Makes It the Best

«Pin the Tail on the Daddy» releases an entire new plot line that seems absolutely implausible. Rory’s arrival begs for new questions that need to be answered, and even an answer as to why. Yet, one of the best aspects of the episode is Dan being back with the crew. Dan’s absence left a hole in each of the characters in a way that needed to be further explored. A lot of television series don’t acknowledge grief properly, or explore immense loss. Lucifer doesn’t fall into this same pattern, and allows characters and audiences to grieve Dan properly.

4 Season 3, Episode 24: «A Devil of My Word»

«A Devil of My Word» ends with the big reveal of Lucifer’s true identity to Chloe. After coming head to head with Marcus (aka Caine), the two fall into his trap. Marcus and his men shoot Chloe, who falls unconscious. However, Lucifer uses his wings to shield them both from the bullets. Chloe awakens to find that all of Marcus’ men are dead and finds Lucifer standing over a dead Marcus. She sees Lucifer’s true face, the one that he gave himself, and can’t believe her eyes.

What Makes It the Best

Lucifer always tells the truth, and never actually lies about who he is to anyone. From the very first season, he tells Chloe that he is the devil, but she thinks that he has an identity issue. Lucifer’s big reveal to Chloe, showing her his true face, shocks her entirely. She can’t believe that he’s been telling the truth this whole time, but at the same time, is coming to terms that divinity is real.

3 Season 2, Episode 11: «Stewardess Interuptus»


«Stewardess Interuptus» is the biggest teaser episode in the series. Lucifer and Chloe go out on a date, and almost hook up. However, they are interrupted by a woman from Lucifer’s past. As the crew continues on a typical case, Mazikeen tries to console Lucifer and help him through his feelings. The episode’s conclusion shows Lucifer sharing a realization that he reveals to Chloe. He tells her that she is too good for him, and should be with someone who deserves her. The two share a kiss on the beach.

What Makes It the Best

«Stewardess Interuptus» finally puts Lucifer and Chloe together, although it is brief. However, this episode is important because it sets up a major plot for later in the series. Lucifer is so used to getting everything that he desires. However, that isn’t the case with Chloe. For the first time in his whole life, he can’t just take what he wants. Lucifer realizes that in order to be with someone like Chloe, he needs to change.

2 Season 6, Episode 7: «My Best Friend’s Wedding»

Each character on Lucifer experiences a tremendous amount of growth. Yet, one particular that you can’t help but cheer on is Mazikeen. She starts off as a soul-less demon and Lucifer’s right-hand man. As the series progresses, she forges relationships with various humans and finds an identity outside of Lucifer.

Maze and Eve are set to be married, but Adam’s arrival on Earth to stop the wedding throws Maze for a spin. Her anger and stubbornness almost cause the wedding to be called off, but their love triumphs. Mazikeen learns that some of her siblings are supportive of her, and end up coming to the wedding. Mazikeen and Eve are two of the best LGBTQ+ characters on television, and their wedding is one of Lucifer’s most memorable.

What Makes It the Best

Mazikeen is a character that always seems to get the short end of the stick. She is continuously manipulated into thinking that her worth is in her inability to possess a soul. However, from the moment she encounters Eve, she realizes that there is so much more potential inside her. Their wedding episode marks a means of peace for Mazikeen, which is something all Lucifer fans can agree on.

1 Season 4, Episode 3: «O, Ye of Little Faith Father»

A close-up of a worried-looking Lucifer

«O, Ye of Little Faith Father» introduces a major character into the series: Eve. Her arrival not only touches on one of the most infamous stories in Biblical text, but also causes a rise in Chloe’s emotions. Eve declares that she was bored in heaven with Adam, and came to pay Lucifer a visit. Comedically, Eve is first seen drinking an apple martini.

The episode also focuses heavily on Father Kinley, and his plan to abolish Lucifer. Kinley is still after Lucifer, and seeks to send him back to hell. However, Lucifer learns that Chloe paid him a visit after she first found out about him. Feeling scorned by Chloe, Lucifer dives in head first with Eve. Chloe arrests Father Kinley, but Lucifer protests that he is upset with Chloe for seeking counsel to betray him.

What Makes It the Best

When Netflix picked up Lucifer, fans of the show were ecstatic. The season opens by addressing Lucifer’s big reveal to Chloe. According to The Wrap, Netflix was able to explore more story-lines than the network the show previously aired on. Eve’s arrival is one of the very first explorations of a broad range of Biblical references and stories. Season 4, and this episode in particular, showed viewers that the show would be the same and different all at once.

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