Alyssa Milano Demands NFL Change Redskins Name, Gets Flamed for Selling Merch with Same Logo

Alyssa Milano demanded that the Washington Redskins change their name earlier this week. However, she seems to have forgotten that she promotes and sells NFL merchandise with that very name and logo. The NFL has come under fire for the Redskins name for years now, and they are currently considering a change after FedEx, who are one of their biggest sponsors, asked about a possible change this week. Before that occurred, Milano found herself in yet another social media battle.

On Wednesday, Alyssa Milano tweeted, «We must end racism in its entirety. Allowing the NFL to continue to use the Redskins name is destructive to Native communities and cannot be tolerated any longer.» She finished the social media message with, «Change the name,» and then tagged the Washington Redskins and the NFL. Milano is far from the first person to call on the football team to change their name and logo, though the actress definitely saw quite the reaction to her message.

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Fans and others were quick to point out that Alyssa Milano has merchandise for sale on the NFL Shop website. Milano’s fashion line, Touch, is featured on the site with the Redskins name and logo, along with the actress modeling said merchandise. In addition to the Redskins apparel, Milano’s Touch line is also selling merchandise for Kansas City Chiefs, who have also been pressured to change their name and logo over the years. Obviously, the folks on social media were not going to let Milano’s original tweet go unnoticed after unearthing all of the NFL merchandise her clothing brand sells.

Alyssa Milano was called a hypocrite numerous times on Twitter for selling NFL apparel with the Washington Redskins logo on it. Some sarcastically said that her form of «racism» is okay because she’s «making money» from it. Milano is usually quick to defend herself on social media, but she has been silent on this matter, only doubling down on her original tweet, reposting a news report about FedEx possibly dropping the NFL team over the name.

This is not the first time that Milano has been called out for selling Redskins and Chiefs merchandise. She came under fire back in early 2019 for the merchandise on social media and through articles, yet the products are still for sale. There are also fans of the actress who are defending her, noting that she has nothing to do with the contractual side of the NFL products that she has her logo on.

This is the second social media battle that Alyssa Milano has found herself in this week. Earlier, a picture of the actress in supposed blackface started to go viral, which people are still sharing. Milano was actually parodying Jersey Shore star Snooki for a Funny or Die sketch, which she proved by posting the video. Regardless, people are still claiming the actress wore blackface and are calling her a hypocrite. You can check out Alyssa Milano’s original Twitter message above, along with some replies below.

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